new BOON/mikkeller beer!

Author: Karel Boon

It’s great to do another collaboration beer with Mikkeller. This time again we’ve been able to be quite creative together. At our brewery, to enlarge the capacity to mature lambic on oak foeders and to be able to create even more ‘older’ lambic (3 years old), we’ve bought about 38 second hand foeders of 240 to 270Hl each which were almost all used for red wine before. A couple of them, however, were used for a white vermouth wine before which now give a taste, certainly with the first filling, that is a bit weird in lambic at first, but really gives a whole new dimension to it. Together with Mikkeller we decided to create an Oude Geuze with the lambic from the first filling of such a foeder to discover how the taste evolves over time when being made into Oude Geuze. As is typical for our brewery, in the end, the Oude Geuze has to be balanced, full-bodied and quite complex. So also in this one, you’ll clearly notice that typical Boon touch.

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