Good news for all craft spirit lovers!

Spirit selection re-launch

We love quality. And we love alcohol.
That's why we decided to expand the spirits selection on the Mikkeller webshop with a range of different spirits from the best and most interesting Danish distilleries.
We got some pretty neat deals with the coolest players in the game, and that's why we can now offer different spirits from the following distilleries:

  • Copenhagen Distillery
  • Radius Distillery
  • Stauning Whiskey
  • Mikkeller Spirits
  • Phantom Spirits
  • Den Klodsede Bjørn
  • Nordisk Brænderi
  • Skotlander Rum
  • Herbie Gin
  • Empirical Spirits (Will be stocked in the future)

The list will be ever expanding, as we discover more & more great distilleries. Check out the collection or read about some of the highlighted distilleries below:


Stauning Whisky

In 2005 nine guys got together around our hobby - whisky - and by combining equal parts of hard work, passion, innovation, respect for tradition, a bit of luck, ambition and good times, they ended up pioneering whisky production in Denmark by creating great whisky that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the world. 

HeatherPeats gentle little sister. Traditionally, whisky makers dry the malted barley over a kiln fired with peat.

The gentle smoke makes space for a huge array of different flavors. Stauning Heather takes you to the heath of West Jutland, and leaves you standing there in your wellies
on a rainy summer day. Even if you are not into smoked whisky, you will love
this – it is an exceptionally complex and balanced whisky.
These are normally ripped of the shelves, but we kept 24 bottles for quite some time, so: {{cta('9c6e75e7-4cd2-486e-aeab-4f75420392ea')}}
Radius Distillery the new kid on the block.

A Danish boutique Laboratory, crafting spirits in small batches, with a founding team that brings in heavy backgrounds from pharma, medical R&D, technology and front-end innovation.

They are all experimenteurs by heart - and they want to stretch the horizons of craft gin. Their copper still is designed for distillation processes that brings out significant and flavorful gins.

The style is Nordic minimalism, combined with heavy experimentation in the modern renderings of London Drys.

Batch No. 018 is recommended by reviewers to be enjoyed neat on ice - and was among gin-review pioneer Michael Sperling “One of the 5 most interesting gins of 2017”. It is a seasonal gin based on Danish hand picked Holsteiner Cox apples. The pure taste from the apples gives an elegant contrast to the stringent juniper.


Phantom Spirits an independent company specializing in the age-old method of cask finish.
Pioneering with The Beer Cask Series, making singular cask finish rum on extremely limited barrels such as Beer Geek Vanilla Shake or Mikkeller X.
Most recently they launched a 6yo panama rum aged on Omnipollo/Dugges Anagram Blueberry Cheesecake Stout barrels.
Luckily we still got a few bottles left in the webshop.


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