The Science of Dressing Well Second drop FG2

Mikkeller and designers Femmes Régionales are ready with the second drop of their elegant running apparel brand Final Gravity, which will be launched on August 3. The new collection combines classic gentlemen’s sportswear with 50s collegiate style.

Photography by Simon Baungaard

Being on the move doesn’t have to mean looking like an aerodynamic research project gone wrong. Along with the Danish craft brewing company Mikkeller, designers Femmes Régionales founded the running apparel brand Final Gravity last year. The brand was created out of a need for running clothes so cool and comfortable that you’d want to keep them on after a run - or even wear them at the office.

Photography by Simon Baungaard

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder and owner of Mikkeller and former elitist runner, was not completely satisfied with the existing running apparel that he received from various sport brands. “Because I run a lot, I often walk around in my office wearing running gear, and I thought that it would be great to design some clothing that you would feel really comfortable in and look cool in at the same time,” he says. Modern vs. old the new Final Gravity collection combines modern design technology with old-school inspiration. “With a nod to classic gentlemen’s sportswear and 50s collegiate style, we looked at how to make high-tech running a more well-dressed experience,” explains Caroline Engelgaar, Creative Director at Femmes Régionales.

Photography by Simon Baungaard

For the second drop of Final Gravity, the designers have added running polos, formal tracksuits and a packable anorak to the essential runner’s wardrobe – all brought up to date using technical materials with color-blocking details and bold FG signature logos. All styles are unisex and available in very limited quantities. Each running apparel item is developed in close collaboration with Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Søren Runge, the manager og Mikkeller Running Club (MRC). In 2014 the two of them founded MRC, which now has 250 chapters in different cities around the world - from London to Minsk, Bangkok and Tórshavn. In 2017, a running club for professional runners, HMRC, was established.

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