What's Brewing 2018

What’s Brewing Festival ‘18 in Stavanger

Festival season is almost over for this year and last, but not least we had the pleasure to participate in the 5th edition of What's Brewing '18 in Stavanger, Norway. This charming city in the coast of Norway is known mostly for its oil industry, but lately for their brews too.

The place of gathering was a former brewery building turned into an independent cultural space called ‘Tou Scene’. The unapologetic spirit of the building located by the water together with passionate street art on the walls served as a perfect background for the festival! People of all ages: volunteers, guests, brewers and representatives mixed and mingled in the open shared spaces, exchanging notes and experiences.

41 breweries were spread around all the rooms in the premises. In that three storey maze, every corner was tempting guests with at least 328 different beers. ‘What's Brewing’ gathers not only the well established breweries, but showcases less known hidden jewels from all over!

It was, as always, a great pleasure to share our love for beer with newbies and seasoned beer geeks! Brewers had talks where they shared techniques and experiences, and newbies discovered old classics like ‘Beer Geek Breakfast’ and ‘Spontan Cherry’ while the connoisseurs would compare and rate meticulously!

The two days of the festival went by in a flash and we were left with new friends, new memories and an eager desire to experience this all over again next season!

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