Mikkeller’s Vision/Mission

We aim to… move people by brewing beer that challenges the concept of good beer. We do this by using the best ingredients and working with the most talented and creative minds around the globe.

… make quality beer a serious alternative to wine and champagne at all the greatest restaurants worldwide. We fail to...

… slow down. We are always thinking in new ways, coming up with new ideas, continuously working on the next project – sometimes so much so that it's hard for people to keep up!

We love to... explore and expand existing beer genres by using the best raw materials available. The refined product is the aim – keeping costs to a minimum is not our goal. This dedication to quality results in very special brews from Mikkeller: brews utilizing ingredients like cherry and Riesling wine juice, ancho chili, and yuzu fruits come to mind (just to name a few).

… barrel age quality beers on exclusive wine & spirit barrels. A prime example of this is our Nelson Sauvignon, which has been beautifully barrel aged on exclusive Chardonnay barrels.

… cooperate with other breweries and innovative entrepreneurs around the world who inspire us and refresh our perspective.

We hate to... work with people whose hearts aren't in it or who don't have a high level of passion for this world. There are so many enthusiastic, dedicated, and honest people in the beer world – why waste time settling for less?

… produce watery, tasteless beer. In our world, beer challenges people's taste buds – whether it's in a bitter, spicy, sour, or fruity manner.

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